Where to go for everything you need to know about Amanda Hughey, and her music.

 Amanda Hughey was born and raised in Southern California, but her heart belongs to Kansas City.  After getting her live career started at a little bar in Blue Springs, MO, she has been playing as many venues as possible throughout the Metro and beyond.  She has been given the opportunity to hold several residencies here in the city, and has spanned venues such as the Tank Room, Record Bar, several main stage events, and the list goes on.  She was given the honor of being counted amongst her peers as a nominee for Vital Voice Magazine's "Voice Your Choice in 2015 & 2016", in the category of Favorite Performer, and continues to expand her reach throughout the Midwest.  Since 2013, she has been a 3 time "Audience Choice" winner & 2 time "Overall Judges Pick" for the annual HRC Battle of the Bands.  In 2017, Amanda was selected as 1 of 3 participants to compete in the "Emerging Artist Competition", at the National Women's Music Festival, and she was selected out of over 16,000 applicants as a semi-finalist in the 2017 National Songwriting Competition.




As an artist, Amanda has been playing the guitar for about 17 years, and writing quickly followed suit.  It is hard to find an artist that sings and writes, from a place of such vulnerability.  Every song she writes makes you feel like you are right along-side, on the journey of her life.  Her goal is to get her music out to as many people as possible, due to how relative her music is to anyone with air in their lungs.

With the release of her recent EP - Sure As Gold,she is looking forward to gaining steam with audiences across the board.  

"I gave everything to this project.  I was actually able to play all of the main instruments on it, along with the harmonies.  It was a dream.  Jeremy, at Studio D Productions, is a true wizard.  He listened to all of my ideas and helped me bring this dream to life.  Every song on this EP comes from my own experience.  Things like a conversation with a beloved friend, to finding my own way to navigate the world.  I have never been more proud of something that I've created, and I'm so glad to finally have something to share with you" - Amanda